24/7 Playlist Update August, 22.

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Radio Madness 24-7 Playlist

42 Decibel – Rocker Soul
A Real Good Band – Year After Year
AC/DC – Rock’n’Roll Damnation
Ace Frehley – Street Fighting Man
Ace N‘ Heels – Hangover
Afterburner – Kapow
AHTCK – Give Em A Fight
Alice Cooper – Lost In America
Alice Cooper – Paranoiac Personality
Alice Cooper – Shut up and Rock
All Good Things – For The Glory (with Hollywood Undead)
Andy Taylor – Don’t Let Me Die Young
ANVIL – Badass Rock N‘ Roll
Arcade – Dancin‘ With The Angels
Artimus Pyledriver – Swamp Devil
Autobahn Outlaw – Black Belt
Avalanche – Killer Instinct
Backstreet Girls – Damn That Man
Backstreet Girls – Goat
Backstreet Girls – Where Have All the Bad Boys Gone
Barbed Wire – Raw Boogie
Bastard – Bunker Hill
Bastardz – Pills
Beasto Blanko – Grind
Beasto Blanko – I Rise
Beggar’s Blues Diary – Downtown Train
Big Guns – The Devils‘ Highway
Billy F Gibbons – She’s On Fire
Billy Idol – Super Overdrive
Bitch And Chips – Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist
Bite The Bullet – Black & White
Black GTO – Holy Roller
Black Paisley – Damned
Black Strobe – I’m A Man
Blackberry Smoke – Old Scarecrow
BlackØwl – Speak Of The Devil
Blackroy – King’s Tears
Blackwater Conspiracy – Just Like a Silhouette
Blisskrieg – Waiting
Bloody Hammers – Twilight Zone (Golden Earring Cover)
Blue Felix – Middle Finger Up
Bonafide – No Doubt About It
Boneyard – Catch Me If You Can
Bootyard Bandits – Hoedown Showdown
Bourbon Boys – Rock’n’Rollin‘ Man
Bowling for Soup – I Ran (A Flock Of Seagulls Cover)
Brodie Lane – Love Somebody More
Broken Teeth – 4 on the Floor
Broken Teeth – Hell For Sale
Buck Satan And The 666 Shooters – Medication Nation
Bürner – 8 Million Reasons to Cry
Burnout Granny’s – This Is Rock’n’Roll
Butcher Babies – The Cleansing
Cage The Gods – Badlands
Charing Cross – Handful Of Pain
Cheap And Nasty – Mind Across The Ocean
Cherry Lips – Dead or alive (are you)
Child’s Play – Rat Race
Chuck Norris Experiment – The End Of The Great Credibility Race
Chuck Norris Experiment – This Will Leave A Mark
Circus Of Power – Motor
Citizen Soldier – Mess of Me
CJ Ramone – Crawling From The Wreckage (Dave Edmunds Cover)
Clawfinger – Nothing Going On
Clutch – The Regulator
Cobra Cult – Sell Your Soul
Coen’s Legacy – Men of the Midnight
Combichrist – Maggots at the Party
Combichrist – My Life My Rules
Crank Case – Gasoline
Crank Case – Rock and Roll Genie
Crashdiet – Rebel
Cripper – Devil Reveals
Crossplane – I Will Be King
Crystal Pistol – Rockstar
Daalschlag – Trittbrettfahrer
Dan Breeker – Facing My Mistakes
Danko Jones – Dangerous Kiss
Dasterdly Dudes – Jekyll & Hyde
Dead White And Blue – God Bomb
Deamon Grey – XXX
Debbie Ray – American Nightmare
Demented Are Go – Bodies In The Basement
Demolition 23. – Hammersmith Palais
Demolition 23. – I Wanna Be Loved
Desperation BLVD – Henhouse Tales
Devil’s Dodge – Katy Perry, Rihanna & Lady Gaga
Diesel Dahl feat. Jorn Lande – Harley Davidson
Dig Lazarus – Keep It Clean
Dirty Rose – Turn It Up
Dirty Shirley – Here Comes the King
Divit – Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – California Rain
Dobermann – I Fucking Hate Drummers
Dobermann – Shaken To The Core
Doll Hazard – Cat’s Got Your Tongue
Doll Hazard – Fire & Gasoline
Doll Hazard – Rock N‘ Roll Prostitute
Dope – Now Or Never
Dope Stars Inc. – Dressed Inside Your Fear
Dope Stars Inc. – Megacorps
Dope Stars Inc. – Rebel Riot
Double Crush Syndrome – Death To Pop
Dregen – Flat Tyre On A Muddy Road
Dropkick Murphys – Fortunate Son (CCR Cover)
Duckwalk Chuck – Red Hot Woman
Dum Dum Boys – Enhjørning
Dust & Bones – Gogogo!
Dustineyes – Hate Me
Dynamite Roadkill – Got Sick On Your Backseat
Ed Banger And The Kardashits – Crash And Burn
Eddie Guz – Cursed
El Pistolero – Down Under
Estin & The 86’D – Mile High Hangover
Faster Pussycat – The Power The Glory Hole
Faster Pussycat – You’re So Vain
Filthy Lucre – Milk My Money
Five Finger Death Punch – Living The Dream
Five Ways To Nowhere – Twisted
Ford T – Ride Like You Stole It
Frank Klepacki – Reckoning (feat. Nita Strauss)
Full House Brew Crew – Bare Knuckle
Gasoline Guns – Wheels of Rust
Gemini Five – Babylon Rockets
Genitorturers – Lecher Bitch
George Thorogood and the Destroyers – I Drink Alone
Ghøstkid – Drty
Ghøstkid – Start A Fight
Ghouls Come Knockin‘ – Blitztank
Ghouls Come Knockin‘ – Stench Of War
Ghoultown – Black On Black
Ghoultown – Ghost Of The Past
Ghoultown – Drink With The Living Dead
Ginger Likes – Raise the Horns
Glorious Bankrobbers – Too Much Too Touch
Goatwhore – Baring Teeth for Revolt
Godsplague – Spit It Out
Gorilla Monsoon – 50$ Whore
Grande Royale – Troublemaker
Grave Robbert – The NS
Graveheart – Money For Nothing (Dire Straits Cover)
Graveyard Train – I’m Gone
Greedy Pig – Bad Voodoo
Green Straw Machine – Mask Off
Groupie High School – All The Love To Give
Grumpynators – Dream Girl
Guns N‘ Roses – Right Next Door To Hell
GWAR – I’ll Be Your Monster
Gypsy Pistoleros – The Mescalito Vampires
H.O.T.D. – I Can’t Fight You
Hardbone – Rock’n’roll Rebel
Hardcore Superstar – Rock’n’Roll Star
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Nothing Left
Helix – Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved in His Hometown)
Hell N‘ Diesel – Sweet Sister
Hellbros – Terminator
Helldorados – By the Progress
Hellyeah – I’m the One
Hellyeah – Oh My God
Highride – Sweet Driver
Hollywood Groupies – Perfect Line
Hollywood Killerz – A Moment Of Madness
Hollywood Vampires – I Got A Line On You
Honeyroll – High Octane Hurricane
Hot Breath – Bad Feeling
Hunters – Get Wrecked
Hybrid Children – Hole-headed Duke
I Am Aliz – Devil On The Run
In This Moment – Beautiful Tragedy
Innocent Rosie – Knock Me Out
Iron Fist – Partykiller
Isaac Krapf – The Hollow
Jack J Hutchinson – Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
Jackyl – The Lumberjack
Japanese Junkfood – The Kids
Jean Beauvoir – Lost Cathedral
Jerusalem Slim – Rock ‚N Roll Degeneration
Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – Carpenter Song
Jettblack – Kick In The Teeth
Jim Haas – Twenty Dollar Gig
John L – White Trash King
Johnny Crash – Hey Kid
Johnny Deathshadow – Bleed with Me
Junkyard – Blooze
Kehvo Kings – Beer For Breakfast
Kelly Fairchild – Comin‘ Home (Kiss Cover)
Kelly Fairchild – Let’s Rock
KIX – Baby Time Bomb
KIX – Cold Blood
KIX – Hot Wire
Kickin Valentina – The Revenge of Rock
Kill City Kills – Bad Blood
Killingbird – First Class Ticket
Kings Of Broadway – Berserk
Kore Rozzik – Dirty Little Secret
Kreator – Endorama
KRYPTOS – Afterburner
Kult Of The Skull God – Lost and Lonely Ones
Kvelertak – Bruane Brenn
L.A. Guns – Ain’t The Same ’92
L.A. Guns – Death In America
L.A. Guns – Nothing Better To Do
Lamb Of God – What I’ve Become
Last Bullet – Sin
Lazy Ambition – Lazy Ambition
Leather Boys – Rock and Roll Blow Job
Liar Thief Bandit – Feather
Life Ses & Death – School’s For Fools
Lipz – Get It On
Little Ceasar – Chain Of Fools
Lizzy Bordon – Me Against The World
Lofft – I Decide
Lost Division – In Memoriam 2.0
Lucer – Make My Getaway
Lucidor – Two Tons Of Steel
Lucifer Star Machine – Dead And Gone
Lust Boys – Public Washroom
Mad Dogs – Leave Your Mark On What You Do
Maddison – The Dark
Main Line Riders – Chrome & Steel
Main Line Riders – Put The Hammer Down
Mallet – Evil
Man Made Machine – Pain
Manntra – Heathens
Mark Haze – Shake What Your Mama Gave You
Martin Sweet – Another Day in Paradise (Genesis Cover)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)
Metallica – Atlas Rise
Michael Monroe – Dead, Jail Or Rock N‘ Roll
Midnite City – Crawlin‘ In The Dirt
Moccasin Creek – Dixie Fried
Monster Magnet – Space Lord
Moonshine Avenue – Moonshine Asylum
Moonshine Avenue – Faded
Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles
Motor City Mayhem – Dead City
Motorjesus – The Damage
Motorjesus – Tales from the Wrecking Ball
Motorlord – A Little Madness
Murderdolls – Bored ‚Til Death
Mustasch – Lawbreaker
Mötochrist – Evil Is As Evil Does
Naked Beggars – What Have I Done Now
Nashville Pussy – One Bad Mother
Nasty Ratz – Watch Your Back
Neurotic Outsiders – Jerk
Nick Mantoan – Trouble Maker
Nikki Stringfield – Divine Intervention
Nine Pound Hammer – Drivin‘ Nails In My Coffin‘
Nine Pound Hammer – Shotgun In The Chevy
NiteRain – Come Out
Nitrogods – Blind as a Stone
Nitrogods – Did Jesus Turn Water Into Beer
Nitrogods – It’s Not Your Rock ‚N‘ Roll
No Dice – Booze Broads & Hot Rods
No Evidence – Crisis
Norma Bates – 40 Days
ODDKO – Disobey
ODDKO – Your God Created a Devil to Be a God
Ohrenfeindt – Kalter Kaffee
Orgy – Blue Monday
Ozzy Osbourne – Straight To Hell
P.O.D – Youth Of The Nation
Pain – Dirty Woman
Pain City – Fake Suicide
Pain City – High Society
Pain City – How can it be bad
Palaye Royale – Massacre The New American Dream
Papa Roach – Who Do You Trust
Party Roxx – Like A Fire
Peer Günt – Backseat
Petter Baarli – Go Jimmy Go
Phantom Lord – Рашн Рок-Н-Ролл (Russian Rock-n-Roll)
Phil Campbell – These Old Boots Feat. (Dee Snider, Mick Mars & Chris Fehn)
Phil Rudd – Repo Man
Pompei Nights – Misery
Pop Evil – Deal with the devil
Powerman 5000 – Black Lipstick
Proud – Born for Your Love
Queensryche – The Needle Lies
Rabia Sorda – Demolicion
Rabia Sorda – Die in Berlin
Rabia Sorda – King Of The Wasteland
Ralf Gyllenhammer – California Love (2Pac Cover)
Ramallah – Dead Girls and Dead Boys Anthem
Ramones – Poison Heart
RatRod – Memphis Belle
Reason For Jack – Badass Rock’n’Roller
Rectum Raiders – Black Ripper
Rev Theory – Light It Up
Revölvers – Transylvania
Rezurex – Rockin in Your Coffin
Rich Kid Express – Get Outta My Life
Ricky Warwick – Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran Cover)
Rob Zombie – The Hideous Exhibitions Of A Dedicated Gore Whore
Rob Zombie feat. Marilyn Manson – Helter Skelter (Single edit)
Rock City Angels – Deep Inside My Heart
Rock-Criminals – Red Roses
Rock-Out – Whiskey Keeps the Doctor Away
Rose Tattoo – All The Lessons
Rose Tattoo – Nice Boys
Rumours – Grinder
Ryan Roxie – Me Generation
Saltmesh – Don’t Bring Me Down (ELO Cover)
Rómeó Vérzik – No Future
Samantha 7 – I Wanna Be Famous
Sandness – Bad Things Cause Bad Things
Sator – Ring Ring (ABBA Cover)
Schrei!! – Ultraviolet
Schrei!! – Vergeben Und Vergessen
Screamer – Out Of The Dark
Seasick Steve – Down On The Farm
Seventh Crystal – When We Were Young
Shadow Reichenstein – Wakin‘ The Dead
Shanghai’d Guts – Can’t Light My Fire
Shinedown – Sound Of Madness
Shotgun Messiah – Heartbreak Blvd
Sister – Bring Out the Dead
Skew Siskin – The Goddess
Skid Row – Riot Act
Skinmask – Flying High
Skold – Better The Devil
Slash – Automatic Overdrive
Sleazy Way Out – I Want It
Smack – Buy This Town
Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues
Sons Of Liberty – Ruby Starr
Soulbound – Addicted to Hell
South Of Salem – Dead Hearts Don’t Break
South Of Salem – The Hate in Me
Southern Voodoo – L.U.V. Probation
Sparky And The Deadbillys – When Darkness Falls
Spellbook – Wands to the Sky
Spielbot – Psycho
Spitfire – Go!
Star Mafia Boy – Crash Course
Star Mafia Boy – Enemigo Publico No.1
Steve Jones – Freedom Fighter
Steve Stevens – Atomic Playboys
Sticky Boys – High Power Thunder
Sticky Boys – The Game Is Over
Stone Mammoth – Mammoth Rising
Stoneman – Wer Ficken Will
Suicide Bombers – Devolicious Boys
Suicide Bombers – Generation Kill
Suicide Bombers – Murder Couture
Suicide Bombers – Suicide Idol
Sunset Riot – Rattlesnake
Supercharger – Get What You Deserve
SUTENER’Ы – Biker Rock’n’Roll
Superjudge – Bothering
Supersuckers – Born With A Tail
Supersuckers – Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain’t Selling This Year)
Surcharge – Le Boy Toy
Terry Hoax – Policy Of Truth (Depeche Mode Cover)
Texmanians – Passion Drive
The 69 Eyes – Rocker
The Blasters – Dark Night
The Cadillac Three – Bar Round Here
The Carburetors – Burning Love (Elvis Cover)
The Carburetors – Shot Full Of Noise
The Casavovas – Outlaw
The City Kids – Before You Fall
The Court Of China – Half The Truth
The Cult – Wild Flower
The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You
The Datsuns – Dehumanise
The Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go
The Dead Daisies – Rise Up
The Distillers – City Of Angels
The Dust Coda – Limbo Man
The Electric Mess – You’re My Overdrive
The Four Horsemen – Rockin‘ Is Ma‘ Business
The Fuck Off And Dies – Live Wire (Motley Crue cover)
The Glorious Sons – The Ongoing Speculation into the Death of Rock and Roll
The Hawkins – Roomer
The Head Cat – American Beat
The Hives – Tick Tick Boom
The Jokers – Silver City
The Kovenant – Star By Star
The Lazys – Nothing But Trouble
The New Black – Dead In The Water
The Outlaw Orchestra – Chicken Fried Snake
The Poodles – Dancing with tears in my eyes
The Pretty Reckless – Follow Me Down
The Rack Dolls – Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) – (The Hollies Cover)
The Refusers – It’s Only a Coincidence
The Rockband – The Northmen
The Screaming Jets – C’mon
The Screaming Jets – Living In England
The Shitheadz – The Seven
The Steel – I’ve Lost My Woman
The Struts – I Hate How Much I Want You
The Subways – Rock’n’Roll Queen
The Throbs – Come Down Sister
The Treatment – Hang Them High
The Treatment – Wrong Way
The Vibromatics – 50 Bucks
The Wild! – Still Believe In Rock And Roll
The Wildhearts – Sleepaway
Three Days Grace – Happiness
Tigertailz – Star Attraction
Tommy Henriksen – We Let It Rock (Feat. Satchel From Steel Panther on Guitar)
Tommy’s Rock Trip – Beat up by Rock n‘ Roll
Toxic Taste – Toxic Taste
Turbonegro – I Got A Knife
Turn On – Snake Woman
Twisted Rose – Sandstorm
Twisted Sister – The Kids Are Back
Twister – Young & Affected
Unherz – Mainstream
Upper Lip – Be Free
Vain – Beat The Bullet
Venus Flycatchers – Dead End Road
Vicki Vomit – Wohin mit Omas Leiche
Vince Neil – Can’t Have Your Cake
Vince Neil – You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)
Volbeat – Fallen
Vulcain – Backline Music
W.A.S.P. – Helldorado
W.H.I.T.E feat. Oleg Skripka – Biker Sich
Wednesday 13 – Your Mother Still Sucks Cock in Hell (Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 Cover)
Wednesday 13 – Happily Ever Cadaver
Whiskey Dick – Drunk as Hell
Wild Road Rollers – I Should Be in Hell
Within War – Shelter
XXX – Miss Misery
Zed Yago – The Invisible Guide
Zeromancer – Dr Online
Zimmers Hole – This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell Cover)
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Elvis Died For You
Black Moon Riders – Enjoy the Ride
Black ‚N Blue – Nasty Nasty
Bruto And The Cannibals – Get Out Of My Life
Buckcherry – Highway Star
Buckcherry – Lit Up
Buckcherry – Tired Of You
Burnerhead – Meat Loving Woman
Circus Of Power – American Monster
Circus Of Power – Mama Tequila
Crossplane – Dance with the Devil
Crossplane – Killing Machine
Crossplane – Master of Desaster
Cvlt Ov the Svn – Don’t Be Tender Love Me Cruel
Degenerate Mind – Justice
Destroy She Said – Overrated
Devil’s Dodge – Magic
Diabolic Lovemachine – One Life Just Ain’t Enough
Dig Lazarus – Keep It Clean
Dirty Daze – Trouble
Doc Eisenhauer – Cosa Nostra
Doogie White – Catz Got Yer Tongue
Doogie White – Time Machine
Double Raw – Fire For My Fuse
Dregen – Bad Situation
Dust Bowl Jokies – Hogs And Heifers
Dustineyes – Down on Me
Dustineyes – This Is My Ring
Dynamite – Dangertown
Dynamite – Hooked On You
Elliott Watts – Bring It On
Factory of Art – No Tears
Fate’s Right Band – That’s Me
Fate’s Right Band – This Boy Don’t Cry
Ford T – I’m a Rebel
Ford T – Tough Love
Gasoline 67 – Time To Rock
Gasoline Guns – Bourbon Burns
Generous Maria – The Power Of Denial
Heaven The Axe – Enemy
Heil To The Empire – If I Was God
Jetboy – Evil
John Diva & the Rockets of Love – Blonde Black Red Brunette
Junkstars – Bang Bang Baby Bang
Junkstars – Traveling
Junkyard – Shot in the Dark
Kemerov – Nail
Kings Of Broadway – Counting Stars
KingSlayer – Dolar Son
KinStrife – Intervention
Kult of the Skull God – The Great Magini
L.A. Guns – Knock Me Down
Last Chance Riders – Fool’s Gold
Leather Boys – Flower Power
Leo Moracchioli – Beds Are Burning
Lindemann – Allesfresser
Lindemann – Knebel
Lipstixx ‚N‘ Bulletz – Bang Your Head
Mad River Men – Mom Ma
Marilyn Manson – Angel With the Scabbed Wings
Marilyn Manson – mOBSCENE
Monday Riders – Hold Your Fire
Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil ’97
Motorlord – Dive Bomb
Mushroomhead – Nowhere To Go
Mystic Prophecy – Hot Stuff
Mystic Prophecy – Shadow On The Wall
Nefesh Core – The Fortune Lies
Neptune is Dead – Brimstone
Nomad – Amped
Ohrenfeindt – Heut‘ Nacht
Pain – Nailed To The Ground
Pain – Zombie Slam
Plastic Tears – Dark Passenger
Poison Boys – Dick in the Dirt
Poisonblack – Blackholehead
Poisonblack – The Halfway Bar
Ramallah – The Last Gasp of Street Rock ‚N‘ Roll
Redemption – Follow Me
Refurbished – The Most Wanted
Riot On Маrs – State Of Mind
Rollin‘ Dice – Reroll
Royal Rebels – I Can’t Breathe
Scarlet Rebels – No One Else to Blame
Scream Idol – Never Loved Me Back
Scream Idol – Pizza Patti
Shotgun Revolution – Dissolve
Shotgun Revolution – Enter the Fire
Sleazy RoXxX – Lets Roll
Sleazy RoXxX – Sweet Suffer In Pain
Sleazy Way Out – Wasted Chance
Smokey Bandits – Backseat Boogie
Snake Bite Whisky – Reload, Aim, Kill
Snakepit Rebels – Bad And Dirty
Snakepit Rebels – High Heels
Snakeskin God – Tough Love
Sons Of Liberty – Damned If You Do
Spitfire – No Regrets
Stormburst – Rock’n’Roll Soldier
The Carburetors – Don’t Touch the Flame
The Carburetors – Getaway (Kiss Cover)
The Carburetors – Sweet Little Rock and Roller (Chuck Berry Cover)
All At Once – Break Me
Baby Jane – My Behavior
Blitz Union – Candidate
Bronnie – Scream
Dust & Bones – Get The World Sucker
Dust & Bones – Nail You To The Wall (With Rock’n’Roll)
Dust & Bones – Shaky Mountains
Faster Pussycat – I Love You All The Time
Five Finger Death Punch – Darkness Settles In
Gasoline Guns – Gasoline And Guns
Ghosts Of Sunset – Tonight
Ghoultown – Where Voodoo Sleeps
Hanoi Rocks – Hypermobile
Hanoi Rocks – Street Poetry
Hardcore Superstar – Forever And A Day
Hellbot – American Son
Jet Black Romance – Midnite Sin
Jet Black Romance – Rock’n’Roll Riot
Johnny O’Neil – Snake In The Grass
Little Ceasar – Real Rock Drive
Machete Dance Club – First Blood
Max Roxton – I’m Back
Nine Pound Hammer – Adios, Farewell, Goodbye
Rose Tattoo – One Of The Boys (Re-Recorded)
Scream Idol – Teenage Doom Disciple
Smash Into Pieces – Deadman
Social Distortion – Reach For The Sky
Spiderbait – Black Betty (Ram Jam Cover)
Star Mafia Boy – Indomable
Star Mafia Boy – Killerkool
Star Mafia Boy – Los Angeles
Suckerpunch – Little Teaser
Ted Nugent – Come And Take It
The Cruel Intentions – Genie’s Got A Problem
The Cruel Intentions – Jawbreaker
The Cruel Intentions – Sunrise Over Sunset
The Cruel Intentions – Weekend Suffering
The Hellacopters – A Plow And A Doctor
The Lazys – One’s Too Many
The Screaming Jets – C’mon (Re-Recorded)
Wasteland Viper – Black Snow
Wasteland Viper – Feeding The Madness
Wasteland Viper – Steed Of Steel
Reef – Shoot Me Your Ace
The Slowstarters – Pleasured Dream
AB/CD – Have You Got The Guts
AB/CD – Rock’n’Rolex
AB/CD – The Masterplan
AB/CD – White Moonshine Whiskey Maker
Accept – Balls To The Wall
Accept – Princess Of The Dawn
AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DC – Jailbreak
AC/DC – Squealer
Airbourne – Hotter Than Hell
Airbourne – Runnin‘ Hot
Airbourne – Runnin‘ Wild
Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself
Billy Idol – Shock To The System
Cats In Boots – Coast To Coast
Cats In Boots – Heaven On A Heartbeat
Cats In Boots – Her Monkey
Cats In Boots – Long, Long Way From Home
Cats In Boots – Shot Gun Sally
Cheap Trick – California Man
Cheap Trick – The House Is Rockin‘ (With Domestic Problems)
Deafbrood – The Act
Demolition 23. – Endangered Species
Demolition 23. – Nothin’s Alright
Demolition 23. – Same Shit Different Day
Dirtbag Republic – Main Objective
Dirty White Boy – Lazy Crazy
Dirty White Boy – Let’s Spend Momma’s Money
Dope – Everything Sucks
Dope – One Fix
Dope – Spin Me Around (Dead Or Alive Cover)
Howland Hyatt – Coming Your Way
Junkyard Drive – Mr. Rock’n’Roll
Killing Gannon – Leaderless
Life, Sex & Death – Telephone Call
Outlaw Saint – Hairpin Turn
Backyard Babies – I’m On My Way To Save Your Rock’N’Roll
Backyard Babies – Look At You
Backyard Babies – Minus Celsius
Backyard Babies – Nomadic
Backyard Babies – Zoe Is A Weirdo
D-A-D – Bad Craziness
D-A-D – Jihad
D-A-D – Riskin‘ It All
D-A-D – Siamese Twin
Dirtbag Republic – Days Are Gone
Dirtbag Republic – Wannabees
Hanzel und Gretyl – SS Deathstar Supergalactik
Hanzel und Gretyl – Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah
Sweet Pain – Game Over
Sweet Pain – Louder Than Laut
Sweet Pain – Sundown (Vampyr Kiss Chapter II)
Sweet Pain – Tough Times (Don’t Last Forever)
Sweet Pain – Trapped In The Carwash
The Carburetors – Allright Allright
The Carburetors – Burning Rubber
The Carburetors – Going Down
Danko Jones – First Date
Danko Jones – Sticky Situation
Faster Pussycat – Bathroom Wall
Faster Pussycat – Jack The Bastard
Faster Pussycat – Nonstop To Nowhere
Faster Pussycat – Slip Of The Tongue
Gemini Five – Black Anthem
GWAR – Berserker Mode
GWAR – Bored To Death
Hanoi Rocks – Malibu Beach Nightmare
Hanoi Rocks – Tragedy
Iggy Pop – Home
Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child
Johnny Crash – Axe To The Wax
KIX – Fireballs
L.A. Guns – Killing Machine
Manic Street Preachers – Slash N‘ Burn
Marilyn Manson – (S)AINT
Mick Jagger – Wired All Night
Neil Young – Rockin‘ In The Free World
Poison – Home (CC’s Story)
Powerman 5000 – Free
Powerman 5000 – Sid Vicious In A Dress
Powerman 5000 – David Fucking Bowie
Ramones – All’s Quiet On The Eastern Front
Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated
Ramones – She’s The One
Ramones – Sitting In My Room
Sass Jordan – Head
Smack – Set Me Free
Social Distortion – Bye Bye Baby
Social Distortion – Ghost Town Blues
Social Distortion – Through These Eyes
The Bates – Billie Jean
The Bates – It’s Getting Dark
The Cult – Lil‘ Devil
The Four Horsemen – Nobody Said It Was Easy
The Hives – Hey Little World
Tin Machine – Bus Stop
Hank von Hell – Bum To Bum
Hank von Hell – Dead
Chaotic Resemblance – Driven
Coheed and Cambria – A Disappearing Act
Crystal Steel – Blood Out (Demo)
CueStack – Energize
Dorothy – A Beautiful Life
Ghost – Call Me Little Sunshine
Lord Of The Lost – Drag Me To Hell
Nachtblut – Scheinfromm
OrangeClub – Middle Man
Stoneman – Bizarre Glam God
The HU – This Is Mongol

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